Forensic Services

Neglect/Abuse Cases and TPR/Permanency Planning

In Neglect/Abuse/TPR/PP cases CFS is regularly retained by the attorney for the child or by attorneys for Respondent Parents. CFS social workers investigate, assess, advocate, counsel and provide recommendations at various stages of Court Proceedings.


CFS conducts In and Out of State Homestudies to Expedite Placements.

Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Evaluations and Dispositional Alternatives & Solutions for Juvenile Delinquents.

Adoption Services Including:

Homestudies – Investigation – Counseling

Forensic Social Work Evaluations in Child Custody Cases

CFS will accept child custody evaluation assignments if Court Appointed or as agreed to by both Parties. CFS can refer out for psychological or psychiatric testing and incorporate such results within the larger evaluation. CFS will work with one parent in a custody case ONLY for parent counseling or work with attorneys and their clients.

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