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Parents in Transition Program

Comprehensive Family Services’ Parents in Transition Program is designed to assist parents regarding issues related to custody, separation, and divorce. This educational class, based on the P.E.A.C.E program (Parent Education and Custody Effectiveness), is designed to help parents acquire new problem solving skills for effective parenting, provide an introduction to the legal process, and to reduce stress and conflict by maintaining a child-centered focus during this difficult time. Our expectation is that this will result in improved parent/child relationships. Additionally, the information and tools provided to parents in this program are designed to enhance parenting skills, further assist children to develop resilience, and to promote healthy adjustment to the child/family structure.

  • Parents in Transition is conveniently offered several times each month to fit parents varying availability. Registration is required.
  • In addition to group classes, CFS offers private classes at an increased rate.
  • The cost of attending a group class is $100. A sliding scale is available, however supporting documentation may be requested. Payment is required prior to class attendance.


Group Program for Children of Divorce

Research confirms that children of divorce are at a greater risk of depression, behavior issues and academic issues. Despite this, research shows that intervention can improve children’s post divorce resiliency and will help minimize and eliminate the short and long-term negative effects. At CFS, children ages 7-14 are eligible to attend groups. This program is not intended as therapy. Rather, it is an opportunity for children to discover commonalities with peers. This group will help children with issues other have already dealt with or are currently facing. This group is appropriate for children whose parents have separated or divorced in the past as well as children currently experiencing divorce.

  • This group is facilitated by trained mental health professionals who will encourage discussion and interaction with the children.
  • Groups are held at the Comprehensive Family Services’ office in lower Manhattan.
  • $175 includes six, one hour sessions.
  • Siblings are encouraged to attend.
  • Registration is required.
  • Please call CFS at (212) 267-2670 (ext. 102) for more information or fill out the information below and someone will contact you.

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