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Welcome to Comprehensive Family Services

Since its inception in 1998, Comprehensive Family Services (CFS) has had the privilege of providing the highest professional forensic and therapeutic services to thousands of children and families in the New York City area. CFS has highly trained and experienced social workers who specialize in a spectrum of services regarding the most sensitive and intimate areas of family life including, but not limited to neglect and abuse; adoption; juvenile delinquency; custody and visitation / access; PINS matters and mediation.

Supervised Visitation

Visitation and access services are primarily Community-Based or On-Site when appropriate. We also offer Visitation Evaluations & Therapeutic Visitation.

Forensic Services

In Neglect/Abuse/TPR/PP cases CFS is retained by attorneys for the child and/or parent(s). CFS social workers investigate, assess, advocate, counsel & provide testimony

Therapeutic Services

Counseling and Therapy for individuals, couples, families and children for a variety of presenting problems and issues. Contact us for more information.

Parenting Classes

Comprehensive Family Services’ Parents in Transition Program is designed to assist parents regarding issues related to custody, separation, and divorce.